Vitamins and Minerals

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Most vitamins our bodies manufacture on their own.
 Some vitamins and minerals must solely rely on  
outside sources for an adequate supply of nutrition  
found in soil.  Minerals are taken from plants and 
delivered to our bodies in the food we eat in plants 
and plants and vegetables 🍅

🌶.Let's take charge of our own health!
Take a vitamin and mineral(made from plant source)
supplement every day and try eating healthier ways 
with lots of vegetables and fruit Remember no
wheat!! Herbs to treat a problem. Prevention is the 
best cure! Over-the-counter supplements havechemicals
and preservatives that are made with synthetic materials.
Makes sure you read the labels and they are all-natural
organic plant-derived vitamins and minerals and a
least have the 16 most important minerals that 
our-bodies require the most. We can use just simple-food

to get these important nutrients our bodies so desperately need.We will save a lot of money on health care in the future if we just go back to nature. While our bodies can manufacture

I will only talk about products that I have used personaly in the past that I KNOW that work!

Bone, muscle and connective tissue make up the structure of the body. They give the body form and ability to move.  We are born with 350 bones.  They are very soft because they are mostly cartilage. The skeletal system acts as a calcium bank it stores the calcium and muscle provides structure for the bones.  As we grow calcium phosphate hardens the bones making them true bone and some gorw together.  Adults have 206-209 bones.  Marrow fills the spaces inside the bone.  This is where red and white blood cells are manufactured. Tunnels of vessels move fresh blood cells out and brings new ones containing all the proper nutrients needed. The heart then pumps the blood cells out and sends them out through the body.  To keep the bone cells growing and strong, it needs and adequate amount of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, POTASSIUM, MANGANESE, MAGNESIUM, AND VITAMIN C.  The skeleton acts as a calcium bank it stores Calcium and it keeps breaking down old bone and replace it with new, fresh calcium.  As will get older it breaks down more than it replaces and the outer shell  gets thinner. SO PEOPLE Get Some Organic Calcium  and STOP all these bone diseases!

Calcium is the #1 mineral for the bone and teeth.  People who have high blood pressure usually lack calcium and potassium.  If there is not enough calcium in the blood stream, then the body robs it from the bones without replacing it. Then eventually it can make weak and brittle bones and teeth. Always use an organic and plants derived calcium. Bonemeal calcium is the very best calcium! This makes bones strong and flexible with elasticy. Oyster shells calcium I recommend not to use because it hardens the bones but does give the elasticity and they will break easily (no bounce). Always use soluble, organic and chealated calcium. Raw carrots and celery juice is used to treat osteoporosis because carrots is a great source of organic calcium, and celery is a great source of sodium. Sodium keeps calcium in solution. Keeps it from depositing on joints.  Calcium is the bodys nitter. Nothing in the body will heal without enough calcium. If there is not enough in the blood stream, it will leach off bones and teeth. Sugar does not rot our teeth, sugar just leaches all the calcium from our teeth and they deteriorate. The little white moon on our fingernails determine how much calcium is in our body. Big healthy white moons determine lots of calcium.  Leg ulcers comes from staph on bone. You need lots of organic calcium to heal it. See food page  for foods loaded with this very important mineral. 

FOODS WITH CALCIUM -All dark green veggies, sardines, and dairy products.

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium and phosphorus. Criticial for formation of bones and teeth which helps keep them stay healthy and strong. It is very important for every tissue and cell in the body. Vitamin D is absorbed through the oils of the skin from  the ultraviolet ray of the sun. To much sunscreen will block Vitamin D.  Light skinned  (pale ) people are lacking this vitamin D in their system. It has been recently determined by researchers at Creighton University and the Council for Responsible Nutrition that 10,000 IU of vitamin D is necessary a day. if you would like to purchase Calcium+Vitamin D go to  

Sodium is needed in abundance.  It keeps calcium and other minerals in solution, circulating through the body.  This is very important because if it is not moving properly then calcium gets trapped in joints causing arthritis, deposits on bone causing bone spurs, kidney stones, and other  unsightly problems.  Sodium also works with potassium.   Together they help regulate heart, body fluid, and help balance acid/alkaline.  Table salt is an inorganic sodium.  To much of this causes high blood pressure and damage to kidneys.  Causes body to retain water because it weakens kidneys, they can t function up to power. Sodium is also essential for brain function.  Celery is an excellent source of organic sodium.  It is extremely important to know the difference between inorganic and organic.  Sodium works along with potassium.

All your nutritional needs.


Replace your table salt for sea salt it is so much better for you! 

Omega-3  protects and helps us with a whole lot of diseases. Strengthens immume system. Fights chronic inflammation in body. Necessary for  cholesterol. Prevents Alzhiemers, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, bowel diseases, mestruation, depression(Natural anti-depression) any brain function.  Eat fish and eggs 3-5 times a week.  It better if you can take omega-3 supplement every day.

Any fish with fins and scales you can eat and is necessary.  Fish contain rich oils Omega 3 fatty acid  that improve the cardiovascular system and prevent heart attacks. Fish can insulate arteries from plaque build-up,  Helping to reduces cholesterol .  DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is also found in fish. Studies have shown that DHA protects the brain from dementia and alzheimers. 

OTHER FOODS WITH OMEGA-3 canola oil, flaxseed oil, and nuts.  Salmon has the highest level of this fatty acid.

For more info on food healing please visit

Selenium is a very important mineral.  Helps protect us against cancer. You can find this in beef, whole grains, tuna, and brazil nuts.

Vitamin E( TOCOPHEROL)  Tocopherol is greek for "ability to bear young"  it is well known for helping inferfility. Maintains healthy cardiovascular system and immune system. It is an antioxidant. It helps put oxygen into the blood stream, benefiting the whole body.  It seems to be the vitamin for everything!   If you have good circulation then all the organs and body stay healthy because they have healthy blood with the proper nutrients flowing through them.   Vitamin E makes blood slippery making it easier to flow through the arteries especially when arteries are restricted.  It has been known as natures blood thinner except it does not have side effects.   It also is an antioxidant which protects against cell damage and slows down the aging process.  Poke a whole in a capsule and rub on wounds, burns, coldsores, rashes, and wrinkles.  It absorbs infection which speeds up the healing process.  Great for scaring or brown spots on the skin. Try to find organic Vitamin E at the health food store.  It is from a natural plant derived not sythetic (Man made).  Eat foods containing this Vitamin (see healing with food page). Consult with physician if you are take blood thinners.  They need to monitor your blood and lower your dosages slowly.

FOODS WITH VITAMIN K -  Necessary for blood clotting process. Broccoli, cabbage, any dark green veggies, liver and eggs.

FOODS WITH VITAMIN A AND BETACAROTENE - Deep orange fruits or veggies, oranges, tangerines, carrots, dark green veggies, tomatoes, milk and eggs.

Phosphorus is present in every cell mostly in bones and teeth. It promotes good circulation . It keeps acids out of blood streams. It works with MAGNESIUM to spark and controlling energy levels. Magnesium sparks it while phosphorous controls it. Also it works with vitamin D.

Magnesium converts nutrients into energy. It helps metabolize calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and vitamin D. It governs how calcium is used. Aids in repair and growth of whole body. Magnesium is necessary for strong bones, teeth, and all body tissue. Necessary for muscle development especially heart muscles. It helps balance Acid/alkaline levels . If acids unbalance it gets deposited on joints causing arthritis, kidney and gall stones. It Helps with digestion Helps with digestion. Metabolized  carbohydrates  in the body. Magnesium is known as the anti-stress mineral because it nourishes the nervous system.

Manganese (trace mineral) also important to structural system. Necessary for formation of red blood cells. Which are manufactered inside bones. It helps with muscle development. Muscle reflexes and coordination. Promotes cartilage growth. It supports glandular and centeral nervous systems.

FOODS WITH MANGANESE - spinach, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, pinapple, chick peas and brown rice.Please visit food page

Potassium is one of the main healing mineral. This is need for proper elimination of waists. It works together with sodium like a pump to move waits nutrients through cell walls. Potassium works inside cell walls and sodium works outside. They use an electrical charge that pumps nutrients in and out of cells. To much inorganic sodium causes kidney to excrete potassium. Diuretics also robs body of potassium. Aching legs or calves is a good sign of low potassium.  Keep sodium and potassium at a normal balance. Potassium also helps transport oxygen through the body  very important for growth the bones, teeth, and muscles. Especially good for heart muscles and artery muscles.  Is Vital for blood pressure. and nervous system.

FOODS WITH POTASSIUM -  Bananas, fresh fruit, meats, seafood, milk, prune juice, and grapes.  Please visit food page


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All your nutritional needs.


Replace your table salt for sea salt it is so much better for you! 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which protects against any poison or harmful subtances we come in contact with. Its helps with formation of callagen. It is very important for bones, teeth, and skin (complexion). Vitamin C increases white blood cell which fight off virus and bacteria.  BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Cleans blood.  When found in nature it contains bioflavonoids which is very important for effectiveness of vitamin C.   Make sure that it is organic because too much inorganic  (fake) Vitamin C  can do the body more harm than good.

FOODS WITH VITAMIN C- Berries, Tropical fruit, dark green vegtables, broccoli, cauliflower,  and cabbage. Please visit food page

Vitamin B-12 boosts Serotonin levels in brain. Helping with thinking, depression and energy. It also helps with production of Iron .

Vitamin B-6 is a natural diurectic.  Great for PMS!  It flushes kidneysand aids in the absorbtion of B12.  Helps regulate potassium and sodium levels to balance body fluid.  More B6 is needed for women who smoke or on birth control pills because it helps with the production of red blood cells.  It helps with dark circles under eyes.  Skin under  eyes is very thin and is darker color making it visible under skin usually this mean  body is lacking oxygen. Helps to promote anti-bodies and converts protein into amino acids.  Secondary protein is believed to cause cancer.



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