Simple steps to weight loss and overall good health

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****Finally a chance to feel good again!!!****

Are you tired all the time, sometimes a little depressed or

aggrevated? Have dreaded painful periods? Do you have

 Hot flashes? MOODSWINGS, do you feel fat and bloated


Steps to Easy Weight Loss or Just Better Health


Carbohydrates Makes Fat/Protein Makes Muscle

Ice water helps stimulate Metabolism!

Drink lots of cold water!

I will share little secrets to feeling better and easy weight

loss.  Losing weight is so stressful.  When we do loose a few

pounds and start feeling good we tend to gain it  right back

and start feeling bad again. Back to square one. It’s just a

stressful rollercoaster.

We don’t have to starve ourselves after all.  Just

eliminate and change certain  things in our daily

lifestyle, including our diet and add a few things

to our lifestyle  and diet.  It is easier than

you think.

And yes you can eat real dark chocolate!!kiss


First thing is cleaning your body and colon of toxins

and fats.  Use natural fiberfound in food and herbs.

Some use acupressure to flush out the toxins.  Your digestive

system is a big part of your immune system. You should

have big fat healthy poowink!  and should go one to

three times a day.  At least once a day.   If not fat, toxins

and everything else build up in the body, causing major

struggles to lose weight not to mention all the health effects! 

Get rid of all cooking oil and buy extra virgin olive oil

or coconut oil. Cook everything in it.

To clean colon, of toxins take 2-3 tablespoons before bed

every night and get up in the morning and drink hot coffee or tea

and let loose.  Do that every night until you have Big POO! wink

This affects all organs including your thyroid  and female

organs, no matter what age.  Thyroid controls your whole


A new study on Coconut oil recently showed that it was

better and more beneficial than olive because olive cooked to a

certain temperature loses some nutritional value. Don't deap fry!

 It pops like crazy!

Replace all salt with sea salt. Found in any health food store.

Some grocery stores have it. This supplies the thyroid with natural

organic Iodine something very important for the function of the thyroid.

Read on label make sure it has natural iodine, because some sea salt

don’t contain it. It’s made differently from the sea. Sea salt has

many health benefits. It also will help with blood pressure

and swelling in the body. You get use to the change in salt

taste after about a week or so and you will never go back.

Throw away real salt. Fruits and vegetables are the

most important source of nutrients.


Really tired all the time? Just feel like you can’t get enough sleep? 


Nuts for better health!!!!  Helps fight fat.   Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios are full of omega 3 fatty acids.

A very necessary nutrient for the body.

 Help protect from heart and hypertension. Helps lower cholesterol. Also has arginine

and amino acid that helps the hearts blood flow better.

Eliminate Pork from the diet completely. Maybe treat yourself once in a great while. Pork is full of toxins.

Well these scavengers are highly poisonous.

They have enzymes called cadaverine and putrescine they are called the death enzymes which are necessary for nature

because they break down the flesh so hogs can digest anything. Terrible thing for the human body! This means THEY CAN EAT

ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!!! Just Imagine. To see more about pork visit food healing

 Eliminate corn, peanuts, and wheat products completely because they are full of microtoxins (mold) causing all kinds of health problems and weight gain.  

Learn to say No to bread, pasta, corn and soda.  Most bread is made with wheat that produces mold during the processing time. Mold and yeast make the body swell. That includes Pasta! Antibiotics also have these Toxins! You could lose three to five pounds a week by not eating any wheat or corn (gluten) products.

Important info for the thyroid

The glandular system is very complex. But every single gland in the body has a certain purpose. They all work together. One gland might be causing the other stress. Maybe you are lacking certain nutrition or Bacteria, toxin or parasites will also weaken glandular organs. Thyroid is the major back up for the heart. It helps regulate; sends a natural pacemaker to the heart. It controls fluid on heart and the body and controls body’s metabolism. As we get older our thyroid starts to slow down if it does not have the right amount of nutrition. People start to put on weight; it’s called the middle age spread! Some gain more weight than others. Thyroid helps control body’s temperature (natural thermostat) Do you have Hot flashes? What about mood swings? PMS? WELL GUESS WHAT THE THYROID AND PITUATARY GLAND HELP CONTROLS MOST HORMONAL PROBLEMS!! The thyroid also works as a battery charger for the brain. If there is hair loss, memory loss or having trouble concentrating. Attention deficient disorder is now associated for a low thyroid. Adrenal glands are the second back up. These are essential for body’s regulation of sodium and potassium, controls pulse rate. The pituitary gland (master gland) produces hormones and stimulates the thyroid and adrenals. Pituitary also controls growth in the body (anything growing the body, even tumors or cysts). Growth hormones affect all tissue. Regulates the amounts of nutrients taken into cells.

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Really tired all the time? Just feel like you can’t get enough sleep?

Iron is needed for hemoglobin an important blood component. Needed for oxygen. Get plenty of B vitamins. B12 and folate is needed for building iron for healthy blood. Usually if you feel tired a lot, more iron is needed in diet. Vitamin B-12 boosts Serotonin levels in brain.  Helping with thinking or depression.      Great energy boosters.  I use Yellow Dock herb for low iron. Loaded with natural iron that doesn’t constipate you and is easy on stomach.

Vitamin B-6 is a natural diuretic. Great for PMS! It flushes kidneys and aids in the absorption of B12. Helps regulate potassium and sodium levels to balance body fluid. More B6 is needed for women who smoke or on birth control pills because it helps with the production of red blood cells. It helps with dark circles under eyes. Skin under eyes is very thin and is darker color making it visible under skin usually this mean body is lacking oxygen. Helps to promote anti-bodies and converts protein into amino acids. Secondary protein is believed to cause cancer.

Zinc is also important mineral for men and women. Zinc deficiencies in men cause lower sperm count.

Vitamin C Dr. Charles Debrovner, MD Professor of obstetrics and gynecology at New York University Hospital studied researched that if you take 1000 to 2000 milligrams of Vitamin C a day will firm up the walls of tiny blood vessels in the uterus called capillaries and helps slow down monthly flow and helps with cramping . Please make sure the Vitamin C or any other supplement is organic from the soil and NOT made in a lab somewhere. In men Vitamin C improves sperm count and keeps sperm from clumping together a problem called agglutination says Earl Dawson M.D. from University of Texas Medical School. He recommends 500 Milligrams twice a day. Also a diet rich in citrus fruits and juices, sweet peppers, and passion fruit are rich in Vitamin C.

Calcium is the biggest thing and the most important nutrient needed for the body. Soda or any other carbonated drinks will leach calcium off the bones and teeth to compensate the rest of the body. Calcium is the #1 mineral for the bone, teeth and nervous system. People who have high blood pressure usually lack calcium and potassium. If there is not enough calcium in the blood stream, then the body robs it from the bones without replacing it. Then eventually it can make weak and brittle bones and teeth. Always use an organic and plants derived calcium. Bonemeal calcium is the very best calcium! This makes bones strong and flexible with elasticity. Always use soluble, organic and chelated calcium. Calcium is the body’s knitter. Nothing in the body will heal without enough calcium. If there is not enough in the blood stream, it will leach off bones and teeth. Sugar does not rot our teeth, sugar just leaches all the calcium from our teeth and they deteriorate. The little white moon on our fingernails sometimes determines how much calcium is in our body. Big healthy white moons determine lots of calcium. Leg ulcers come from staph on bone. You need lots of organic calcium to heal it. See food page for foods loaded with this very important mineral.  

Some FOODS WITH CALCIUM -All dark green veggies, carrots, sardines, and dairy products. Raw carrots and celery juice is used to treat osteoporosis because carrots is a great source of organic calcium, and celery is a great source of sodium. Sodium keeps calcium in solution. Keeps it from depositing on joints.  Vital for bone, teeth, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nervous system, and skin.

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